Wednesday, February 16, 2011

League is Down. Patch Notes are UP!

Currently writing commentary on the recent  League of Legends1.0.0.111 Patch notes. Some great stuff in this one!

Should be done with it within the hour. I'm SO excited to play with these new amazing changes and the new champ! (Because i've got like 10000 IP to spend)

While I complete the commentary... What do you guys think of the new patch? What do you like most?

Link is here if you haven't seen it:


  1. I like the Amumu updates, they were terribly overpowered.

  2. no matter what changes, good old mordekaiser is always the same

  3. Ah good link, just finished downloading the patch.

  4. I havent played LoL in forever, I will be re-downloading it to do a review though soon enough.