Thursday, February 17, 2011

Solution to the Current IP Fiasco

I swear, sometimes the only way i can describe riot is fucking retarded.  A few patches ago, they were trying to buff Veigar... I made a massive post on the forums actually doing some math, explaining how in EVERY situation, it was actually a nerf. Earlier, I used math to help show just how moronic their proposed changes to penetration system were (This was on the public test realm, never got to live).

Now, I'm going to use some more 10-year-old math to do Riot's fucking job for them.

Here's the link. Please post and upvote on it! 

P.S. Yes, I vladbrolaf


  1. I thought that they fixed the IP problem with updated to a new format...

  2. Probably ain't the first time when developers don't listen to reason.

  3. Why do you think i stopped playing LoL, the devs are terrible

  4. show them whats up man. league is still a great game though. no good game is perfect

  5. the IP seems fine now, after that second update. I still new Ip to get the tree.