Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Queue System, And Incoming Trundle Guide!

So FINALLY, after a year of dealing with "Unavailible" and "Busy" after every single freaking League of Legends patch, they have gotten the clue, and added a Queue system to this next patch! YES!

While it won't affect your gameplay much, it's going to be SOOO much nicer than having to deal with the damn F5 spamming every 2 weeks or when the servers randomly take a shit.
By the way, in case no one knew, there is actually a secret code that you can put in on the client when the game says busy or unavailible: Left-Right-Left-Right-Up-Up-Down-Down-3-4

I know that sounds like total bullshit, but next time you see Blitz or Amumu, try it. Teemo will grace you with his presence.

So as I've said before, I own every single champion in LoL. I've played them all and am pretty decent with almost all of them. Most of them, however, have begun to bore me.

Most recently, however, I started playing Trundle almost exclusively. I love this highly underrated champ SO MUCH. The ironic thing is that people don't know how good he is... How he can mess up any enemy jungler, Gank like a god, and even turn Rammus into more of a Squishy than Ashe.

So anyway, I'll be making a guide for my Trundle tomorrow or the next day. I'll show different jungle paths, gank methods, teamfight positioning, all the normal content of a guide, and even a short bit on wrecking with him in TT.

I'll even explain why trundle is the single BEST jungler in the game. Yes, better than Warwick, or Udyr, Shaco. Trundle reigns over them all!

Stay tuned!


  1. Hmmm. Looking forward to the guide

  2. Finally, I found a League of Legends blog! Trundle eh? I haven't played every character, but I think I'll go with your advice. Thanks! Also, I've started up a science and technology related blog of my own in case you are interested.


  3. I'm going to look into Trundle... I've been looking for a new game to get into, maybe this is it!!

    Following and supporting

    Garage Zoku

  4. Yo dude, Udyr will rape you in bear stance

  5. Never played this game, but after reading, I need to try! Thanks.

  6. Totally reading that guide once you get it done. Used to play this game like crazy for ~2 months after I found it but been slacking lately.

    Do you play on US or EU servers?

  7. Ghost- I play on US servers. IGN - Atreties. Look me up!

  8. This is great news. I haven't played Trundle, and am looking forward on your guide.